The Church at Louisville is committed to the New Testament model of leadership consisting of a Biblically qualified plurality of Elders and respective Deacons.  The Church seeks qualified Saints with hearts to serve the Body of Christ in these roles.  I Timothy 3:1-13.


Jeff Akin was qualified and confirmed by Antioch Community Church in Elon, NC, as the Planting Elder for The Church at Louisville in 2013.  Many in our community call Jeff “friend” because of his readiness to listen – attentively and unhurried.  Those closest to him note a caring heart for Believers and unBelievers alike, passion for urging Followers to turn beliefs and knowledge into Christ honoring actions, enthusiasm for holding men accountable and maturing them as servant-leaders of their families, and belief in age-integrated worship and lifestyles.

Jeff is also an accomplished athlete, competing in multiple full-distance Ironman Triathlons and marathons, all in spite of being a Type 1 diabetic.  He often speaks publicly on these challenges and doing much with what God has afforded us individually, leading others by personal example, and remembering from whom our strength originates.  Among his greatest joys are the literally hundreds of testimonies to lives transformed by his diabetic “thorn”.

The Akin family lives on a small farm in Louisville, Kentucky.  Jeff and his best friend Amy Jo, sons Tyler, Sam, and Eli, and daughters Ellen, Abby and Sarah Ruth, are passionate about one another, helping others in the name of Christ, living sustainably on their family homestead, and taking greatcare of all that God has entrusted to their care.