• Corporate services are functioned as the time the Body will come together to worship the Lord and exhort His people onward in maturing in the Christian faith.
  • The Church is committed to a New Testament leadership structure consisting of a plurality of Elders.
  • The Church is principally committed to expositional teaching through the inerrant Word of God.
  • The Church desires to see His people mature as individuals, families, and communities in Christ.  In doing such, the Body fosters the sweet aroma of the Believers and draws the lost towards Himself.
  • The Church commits to age-integrated groups being the foundational ministry upon which relationships are fostered and matured within the Body.


  • The Church holds that “The Lord adds to His people in accordance with His will”.
  • The Church will unify around shepherding subsequent generations entrusted to our care and faithfully point them towards Jesus’ saving grace.
  • The Church desires to be faithful in handling the ministerial and evangelistic opportunities the Lord brings forth for sharing His good news. As Believers, we long to share Christ’s Good News with others in our community so that they may experience Jesus’ saving grace.
  • The Church is principally committed to planting other churches as the Lord enables.
  • The Church prays that the Lord may raise up some in our midst with a calling to GO and make disciples of All the Nations.  We endeavor to wholeheartedly support these Saints.


  • The Church desires to invest its energies and resources in people the Lord entrusts to our care, and in missional efforts to make disciples of all the nations.
  • We will steward our energies as the local body of Christ, striving to ensure ministry does not strain our people beyond their Christ-honoring centeredness as individuals, families, and community.
  • The Church will provide Biblical-based counseling as needs arise within the Body.
  • The Church will operate without debt.  One practical ramification of this distinctive is that the church will not assume mortgage liability in pursuit of buildings and/or meeting spaces.
  • The Church will steward financial resources with transparency, providing members with quarterly line item budgets and expenditure reports.