Kentucky Baptist Convention (KBC)

The Church at Louisville is officially recognized as a cooperating member of the KBC / SBC.

National Associations of Evangelicals (NAE)

NAE is a unified and diverse body, bringing together Calvinist, Arminian, Wesleyan, Anabaptist and Charismatic traditions. Together, NAE member churches stand on God’s revelation in Scripture of redemption alone in Jesus Christ the Son of God, by grace through faith. Within NAE denominations and churches can be found a commitment to dynamic unity that works toward a vision of all things made new, of all God’s people reconciled, and of a lost world saved.

Gospel Legacy Churches

The Council for Gospel Legacy Churches is a ministry whose purpose is to educate the contemporary church about generational faithfulness and its core values. While thoroughly evangelical, Gospel Legacy Churches are diverse in representation, including Christian leaders from a broad spectrum of evangelical denominations and communities. Core values of the council are summarized as:  Revering the Gospel, Reforming the Church, and Restoring the Family.

Antioch Community Church – Elon, NC

Antioch Community Church is a Christ-centered, family-integrated church that has graciously agreed to prayerfully covering the planting of The Church at Louisville.  This covering also includes the spiritual discipleship, practical mentoring, and friendship of developing church leaders.